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Theodorick K. Ayungo or TKA as he is called in the legal circle, dreamt of becoming a lawyer and ultimately a judge since he was a kid. His dream was realized when he was appointed as the Presiding Judge of the Municipal Trial Court of Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija. Before his appointment in the bench, he served as an Associate Prosecutor in the City of Cabanatuan.

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"Judge Ayungo gave insights on different legal principles and their importance to the society. This is an important book, at a crucial time, in the law and in the lives of lawyers and law students. A must read, indeed."
"Childhood. Realization. Determination. Wisdom. Success. TKA knows his destiny, and in his book, we see how his dream to succeed revealed a Divine plan that led exactly to that."
"TK Ayungo has done the impossible: write a book about Law that is personal, warm, and deeply inspiring. So amazing!"

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